10 Reasons Why You Can't Get the Girl



Do you want to get the girl? Can’t get the girl? Maybe you’re doing one of the following.

 1. Douche-bag friends

It’s a tricky situation to be in if you are the nice guy out of a group of idiots.  If you surround yourself with guys who are always ostentatiously the loudest in the pub, their claim to fame is sculling a whole pint in less than five seconds and their priority every weekend is getting laid and hammered – you’re not going to get the girl.  Your friends are a reflection of you so choose them wisely.

 2. Bad footwear                                   

Never overlook this one.  Bad footwear can make or break a situation.

Sandals are a no go.

White socks are a no go.

Shoes that look as though you have either borrowed them from your dad, or your mum bought them for you, are a no go.

 3. Bad chat up lines            

DON’T USE THEM!  A good chat up line is still a bad chat up line and there are no grey area’s with this one.  ‘Hey baby did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’  Aaah.  Awful.  It shows lack of imagination, creativity and intelligence and these are the characteristics that you want to show you HAVE!


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