The 10 Most Common Lies Men Tell Their Girlfriends



The average guy fabricates something 6  times per day, which is twice is often as women. These are the 10 most common, and the reason behind them.

10. “I’m Stuck in Traffic”

“He figures it’s much easier to just say this than to try to explain the real reason he’s running late,” says John Amodeo, author of The Authentic Heart. “Remember, men aren’t as good at communicating as women are.” The funny thing is, a guy will toss this line out even if what held him up is perfectly legitimate. Still, you shouldn’t let it slide — it’s a lie nonetheless

9. “It Wasn’t That Expensive”

It could be because they want to hide how much they spend on their toys, or it could be because he wants her to think he is responsible with money, either way it is often a lie.

8. “I’m On My Way”

Men usually throw you this line when the woman is making them meet at some event they don’t want to attend — like, say, their family reunion. He’s stalling, but he’s also being pouty.



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