The Magical Hangover Bus Is Coming To The UK



We’re sticking with the ‘helping hangover hand’ theme this morning, and have we got a treat for you. A bus that claims to cure your hangover could soon be coming to the UK after being a huge hit in the US.

The company claims to get drunks feeling fighting fit in just 45 minutes and says it has a 99% success rate. “Hangover Heaven” picks up half-drunken revellers from their hotels to help them recover from a heavy night on the lash, or if your dirty hangover is too much, it even provides a VIP in-bed service.


Dr Jason Burke, who set up the company close to the Las Vegas strip, is amazed at how quickly the business is growing.

“When we first launched, we started with just the hangover bus. We now operate a traditional brick and mortar medical clinic right off the strip and we do in-room treatments as well. Business has increased a great deal since we launched”. – Dr Jason Burke, hero amongst men


As they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and the twenty-five strong medical team tend to hundreds of people a day who go out with a ‘no regrets’ attitude.

“We serve a very diverse clientele, we see lots of successful business professionals; they see us to ensure they don’t miss out on a day of business or pleasure. Our most effective treatment is the Rapture treatment. It takes about 45 to 50 minutes once the IV is in. Patients are truly amazed.” – Dr Jason Burke

Jason has said that Hangover Heaven has been a big hit with British tourists too, suggesting that if the company gets big enough it may go international.

Could the hangover bus be heading for a town near you? We certainly hope so. Fingers crossed!

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