40 Thoughts People Have Working In Retail



Retail. No word makes teenagers all over the world shudder, except maybe catering. If you’ve done your stint in the awful world of retail then be proud, you’ve earned your medal. If you’re still working there then hopefully knowing that everybody else thinks the same as you might help get you through the day.

 1. It’s 6 a.m. Why am I even here? Why am I out of bed?

2. Can I just say there are no size 9’s in the back instead of looking?

3. I need to send the world’s fastest text before anybody notices.

4. Am I allowed to wear this at work? Will I get sent home?

5. I hope they don’t make me buy new outfits.

6. I spend more money on work clothes than I’ll make all week.

7. I spend more money on KFC than I’ll make all week.

8. 95 boxes of shipment have come in? Are you having a laugh?

9. The seceret shopper is here today? Time to clean everything.

10. It is the school holidays, therefore it is chaos.


We are closed! Go away!

11. Why doesn’t anyone actually clean the stock room?

12. Maybe I can just sleep under the counter and nobody will notice me.

13. Why am I the only person on the till, have you seen how busy we are!?

14. Why are customers telling me their pointless stories? Get in, pay, and get out

15 Where are all these children coming from?

16. These demon children are destroying the entire shop.

17. No, we’re not hiring, we’re never hiring again.

18. I hope there aren’t any go-backs in the dressing room.

19. The weirdos who come in to this shop never cease to amaze me.

20. Why would you come here without money?

 Customers sicken me

21. Wow, I wish my parents blew this kind of money on me.

22. Why aren’t those people buying anything?

23. I really hope that guy isn’t stealing anything.

24. Did you just put a packet of socks under your shirt mate?

25. I think the anti-theft sensor is broke…

26. I’m confronting this guy! This is happening!

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