17 year old sells entire belongings but still can’t afford to go to tonight’s game, what he does next is amazing.


A trending story on the web today is about the lengths a 17 year went to see Manchester United play tonight. Is it true? …we don’t know but he sounds like a good lad.

When the Champions league draw was made, Manchester United weren’t given a chance by many. They had just been demolished 3-0 by Liverpool at home and looked set for their worst finish in premier league history. Despite an encouraging 1-1 draw at home, coupled with suspensions to key players, some do feel that Manchester United do stand a chance of qualifying for the last 4 of the competition.


With a 0-0 or victory enough to see them through, this has encouraged supporters to flock to Munich to cheer on their idols to victory. With fewer than 10,000 tickets allocated to Manchester United, tickets were hard to come by for many. On top of travelling to Munich and accommodation, this could turn out to be an expensive trip for all fans heading to Bavaria this evening.

You won’t believe the journey one of these fans has taken. Reportedly, a 17 year old A level student from Wigan, has spent the last week selling his worldly possessions because his parents wouldn’t pay the £289 required for his travel and accommodation, after he purchased the ticket behind his parents back.

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