A Guy Took Two Lighters Apart. What He Did With Them Seems Impossible…


After spending copious amounts of time on the internet, you may feel like you’ll never learn something new ever again. “That’s it,” you think. “There just aren’t any more original thoughts out here.” If you’ve ever got to that point, you’re about to be proven wrong.

One man picked up two household lighters, but he didn’t see just lighters. Instead, inside he saw something hiding… so he found a way to bring it out with his bare hands. Get ready for awesomeness.

This is what you get when you disassemble 2 lighters.


And with some creativity, those little parts become something much cooler.


With some planning, an ordinary household lighter can transform into something much cooler.

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See where it’s going?


A Guy Took Two Lighters Apart. What He Did With Them Seems Impossible…Find out on the next page…

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