Elizabeth Raine, A Medical Student, Plans To Action Her Virginity For £240,000 Online.



Elizabeth is 27 years old, she studies medicine in the US and she plans to sell her virginity for £242,000 online.

She has created a website for people to find out more about her and to bid for the chance to take her virginity.

Never revealing her face, she says she is ’99.7 percent certain’ she will go through with it.


So what does the winning bidder get for their money? Elizabeth is offering the winner a 12 hour long date which will conclude with the successful bidder taking her virginity. She will also donate 35 per cent of the money she receives to a charity that brings education to women in developing countries.

‘The concept does not offend me, it is a unique opportunity for excitement and growth, and I need not mention the nice financial bonus,’ she explained.

‘So you see, how could I deny myself this experience only because of the diverging beliefs of others?

‘If I did, I would just feel like a coward, and this I am not.’

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