12 celebs whose acts of kindness cannot be overstated



Woody Harrelson

While attending a fabulous party in New York, Woody was apparently approached by a homeless woman looking for spare change. Instead of saying no, Woody opted to hand over $600 to this woman. According toThe Daily News, when the woman recognized the actor, she said, “Thank you Woody! White men CAN jump!”


Angelina Jolie

After years of success and crazy amounts of fame, Jolie still is a huge humanitarian. She even chose to make her directorial debut with “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” a film raising awareness of women who suffered mass rape during the war in Bosnia. This choice was not made with fame in mind, clearly, seeing it was performed and written in Bosnian.


Keanu Reeves

In recent years, it’s come out that Reeves’s doesn’t care much about money. In fact, he went as far as giving away $80 million from his Matrix salary to the special-effects team, as well as the costume designers that worked on the trilogy. All because he believes that they deserve all the credit, not him, for the series success.


Mila Kunis

When a man working in her home collapsed from having a seizure, Mila was quick to come to his aide. After sustaining him until ambulances arrived, Mila even offered to take a ride with him to the hospital to assure his safety.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for using her fame to advocate being yourself, no matter how different you think you are. After hearing one of her fans had killed himself after being bullied over his sexuality, she streamed his picture during one of her concerts and dedicated the entire show to him, as an act of solidarity for him and others around the world who might be suffering similar situations.


Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry hasn’t touched just one life, but instead countless lives with his openness about his own mental health problems. While many consider this a stigma and damaging to their career, Fry has embraced this and become the president of the mental health charity Mind, where he helps raise awareness and is a voice for those going through the same things as him.

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